How To Write A Senior Data Entry Clerk Resume And Cover Letter With 2 Years Of Employment Gap

Senior Data Entry Clerk Resume
Many job seekers have gaps in employment and they are frustrating with how to explain this unemployment. When you prepare a senior data entry clerk resume and cover letter with two years of employment gap, employer definitely asks about this gap. If you can say valid reason that is relevant for the job objective, then there is no problem. If you did not do something relevant for the job, you should tell them reasons that strengthen your character like volunteer work. In your senior data entry clerk resume you cannot hide the two years of unemployment. You should not defend or too much explaining. If you are able to explain how you benefited during two years that will transfer to you in senior data entry clerk position.
Use the Cover Letter
You can introduce the employment gap in cover letter in an artful manner. Try to mention the two years gap in a positive way. For example if you had some health injury then mention how you utilized that free hours for developing your career like attending informal class to learn a foreign language.
Don’t Hide What You Did
Employers do not like idle candidates. You should show them how you made best of a bad situation, and then definitely you can impress your employer. Employers respect these candidates who effectively utilized in their economic downtime with unemployment.
Positive Format
You should not lie about your employment gap even if it is a internationally certified advanced resume. It is better to use functional resume format instead of chronological format. When you using chronological format that might high light your employment gap, but in the functional resume format you can combine work experience with your skills. If you have learned any job related skills in those years then that can mask your gap in employment.
Emphasize Accomplishments and Awards
If you have obtained achievements during your past work like increased productivity or if you secured awards then it can definitely stay with you regardless of unemployment. You can high light the achievements by using bullets rather than writing in a bulky paragraph. Use senior data entry clerk resume and cover letter keywords when listing past work.
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