Is Your Executive Resume Of Senior Journalist Showing Your Age?
Few Important Changes
There is a common question that is mostly asked by many job seekers and that is if your executive resume showing your age in your senior executive journalist resume, which will have negative consequences when it comes to the final outcome of getting a new job. The answer is quite simple really and that is it does not matter how much of experience you have in your career an employer will always look for people who are young and have updated themselves with the current software’s and technologies. Sometimes having a lot of experience will help you in getting a job but big companies will always look for people who are not only well trained but young too. But there is nothing to worry about because a few important changes in your senior executive journalist resume will help in getting things back to your advantage and help you in getting the interview and the job.
Work Experience
Your goal is to prepare an executive resume writing that gives more importance to your accomplishments rather than your age and the best way to do this is by not mentioning your entire work experience spanning over a period of 10 to 15 years. A common mistake found in most resumes are people with a ton of experience giving more importance to the job they did 10 years ago and cutting short important points and not emphasizing too much on the current experience. Yes it could be a fact that you have archived more in your old job which you did 10 years back but mention it in such a way that only your accomplishments during that job period are highlighted and try not giving too much importance to the year of work. For a young job seeker mentioning every experience they have had working is very advantageous but for a 40 plus job seeker this is not the case and this is the time to make a change in your resume.
Additional Skills
Secondly always mention in your executive resume that you are updated with the latest technologies regarding your field of work. A simple sentence in the additional skills section mentioning the recent training you received will help you heaps in getting an interview sealed because the employer will be happy to hire someone with loads of experience who has good knowledge about the modern technologies.
Reveal Your Age
Do not use statements that would reveal your age or show that you are someone who has been working since 20 plus years. An example of such a statement is sentences starting with “In my 20 years of experience”. Try avoiding these at every cost when preparing your new senior executive journalist resume and it do you a ton of good in your job search. In certain cases it is also a good idea to not mention the date of your educational qualifications because if an employer really wants to know your age they can get a rough idea by just calculating it based on the time you did your graduation.
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