Should you Submit the Same Senior Executive Operations Specialist Resume and Covering for Different Positions at the Same Company?

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Are you applying for a senior executive operations specialist? Then you have to stick with your senior executive operations specialist resume and covering. Generally seeing that candidates are tempting to apply for multiple positions in the same company for which they are qualified. Applying for multiple positions is the good thing, but most of the candidates do not concentrate on resume. They are applying with same resume. Employer might be desperate when seeing the same senior executive operations specialist resume rather than truly interested. So there are several professional resume writing services to help them. But rather than that you can check write the resume yourself as well. When you are applying for multiple positions in the same company you have to consider the following points.
Tailor your resume to each opening
When you tailor your senior executive operations specialist resume for the specific job that indicates your attention to detail and thoroughness in checking out the company. For instance you should collect the keywords related to the job which you are applying for and represent the accomplishments in relation with the specific job. Then only you can stand out in crowd and employer would get interest on you. there is no need to bring a drastic difference on each resume, you can change the summary of education in order to high light the strength and abilities for the specific job. You have to show why you are fit for that specific job even you are fit for other positions also.
Be honest
Sometimes you cannot meet the qualifications for the specific job, then do not lie in your resume. They can easily catch your lie, especially if you are applying for more than one position within the same company. Employer will find the truth from your social media sites, and they will not consider your resume for any openings in their company.
Use your cover letter to add more detail
Cover letter can help you to differentiate for various openings. When the content is not fitting into resume and covering, then you can elaborate details such as why you are good candidate in a more flexible manner.
Present yourself as a professional
When you are applying for multiple positions in the same day then the ultimate result would be the unprofessional resume. Choose the one or two positions you are most interest in each day and try to give it a professional look.
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