Privacy Policy
In general
We are dedicated to protect the privacy of our clients. By going through the following privacy policy set up by our company will give you good knowledge on how we protect your privacy. Generally, our company makes use of the information shared by you to present the services that you buy from us. We guarantee that we will not utilize the information for any other reason or share your information with any other person. We will not share your personal details with third part unless you request us to do so.
What kind of information do we collect?
We collect your personal information such as name, address, email id, and at times mobile number during your ordering process. The information that you share with us is safe and well protected. The reason why we ask your personal details is to make contact with you. The information that you share with us aid both you and us to keep in touch with each other during the order process.
How do we use your information?
We will not utilize the information that is gathered from you for any function other than formally to make contact with you. We will make use of your personal details to reply to you. We will not share your personal details with any third party. Your information is safe and is protected with us. Information that you share about credit cards and payments is handled in a secure manner. We also pay attention to protect your information by only permitting chosen employees access to your information. Keep in mind that only those in control of billing or customer service will be informed of that information.
Messaging System
Our company has a messaging system that lets our clients to communicate with our customer support team. The whole thing about the order will be met by our expert customer support team. All significant information you share by means of the messaging system is as safe and sound as those that you share through email.
Warranty Disclaimer
The company does not offer any warranties to any and all services presented by the website. We do not guarantee that the website will be always available. We don’t warrantee the information that is presented on this website is 100% complete, 100% true or accurate.
Keep in mind that the above mentioned privacy policy can be modified by the company anytime in the future. The company has whole rights to make improvements in privacy policy. So, get through our privacy policy every now and then to understand the changes that took place in our policy.